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Is your website ideal for mobile?

Is your site easy to navigate on a Smartphone or other mobile devices?

Is the load time on your Smartphone fast enough?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, it is time to remodel your site to target Smartphone users.

Mobile Friendly Website Design Services

With billions of users worldwide the smartphone segment in global mobile market is growing at a rapid rate. Any businessman worth his nickel knows that he losing a potential market if he does not opt for mobile friendly website design. It is also known as responsive website designing.

We are not exaggerating, the data from numerous independent surveys show that nearly two third of the people that access internet regularly use their smartphones to do it. Naturally you are missing two third potential customers simply for the lack of mobile friendly web design.

Many website owners still think that mobile website designing company insists on making a responsive website due to its own vested financial interests. However they are wrong. Here are three frequently asked questions that will clear all your doubts regarding mobile website design and development.

Why do you need make a website mobile friendly?

Apart from the financial reasons there are a number of technical reasons why you need to make a website mobile friendly. For starters smartphones run on different operating systems than laptops and computers. Although android, iOS and windows are well known mobile OS others like blackberry, Ubuntu also have a significant fan following. 

Secondly mobiles have varied screen sizes making it imperative to design a website that will open on all devices with equal speed and agility and showcase all its features without delay. We are a leading web design and development company that offers comprehensive responsive website design solutions at affordable rates.

Is mobile website design expensive?

Not at all, although it will add few extra bucks to your budget, it will prove extremely profitable in the long run. When you think of the thousands of dollars that a mobile friendly website design will fetch you in the long run investing few hundred dollars today is really not that big a deal.  

Can we upgrade our current website to a mobile friendly web design?     

The answer is yes, however if your old website is very old then a professional mobile website designing company like us might recommend you to go for a new responsive web design from scratch. We will need to check your current website before making it a mobile friendly website. Making a website responsive is a very crucial process and needs skill and expertise.

Benefits of mobile friendly website design

  1.     You can reach a wide range of customers and tap maximum potential customers, especially  teenagers who are voracious online shoppers.
  2.      If you are a local business then you will definitely boost your sales with the help of a mobile website design since most of the smartphone users use their phones to do local searches like restaurants, pizza places, coffee shops and many more.
  3.      The more visitors you get more are the chances of ranking in the top ten search engine ranks. If Google starts loving your site then nothing can stop you from dominating the World Wide Web.    


Mobile Website Design Process

Although there is no standard practice to make a website mobile friendly below is the general layout of our mobile website designing process. If you are developing a new website you the web designer will quote the price for a responsive website design since non responsive website are almost out of date. Below process is applicable for redesigning your current website into a mobile friendly web design. 

 Pre checking

Your website will be thoroughly checked to decide whether it is technically and financially feasible to turn it into a mobile website design. If yes then the strategy for redesigning will be formed.   


Images, pictures, videos and content on the old website will be optimized for responsive web design with the help of our graphics and web designers. It will be made more appealing and concise.

Redevelopment & Reconstruction

The optimized content, images, videos etc. will be coded and programmed into computer language. This is very crucial part of mobile website design requiring skill and expertise.

Testing & bug fixing

The reconstructed website will be tested under varied conditions by means of manual and automated testing techniques. Bugs found if any will be fixed immediately and the website will be tested again and again until all the bugs are fixed.

 Going Live

Finally the website will be launched and you will be able to make more out of your mobile friendly website design.

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