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Domain Rates

Domain Rates
$10.00 / yr $10.99 / yr $11.99 / yr $11.99 / yr $11.99 / yr

Hosting Packages

Economy Hosting
$56.88 for 12 months
$95.76 for 24 months

Deluxe Hosting
$78 for 12 months
$136.8 for 24 months

Ultimate Hosting
$162 for 12 months
$288.96 for 24 month

10 GB Space

Unlimited Bandwidth.

1 Website

10 E-Mail Accounts

10 MYSQL Databases

150 GB Space

Unlimited Data transfer/Mo.

Unlimited Websites

500 Email Accounts

Unlimited SubDomain

25 MYSQL Database


Unlimited Webspace

Unlimited Data transfer/Mo.

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited E-Mail ID

Unlimited SubDomain

Unlimited MYSQL Space


What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name is the web address with which people can locate your web page on the internet. For example: is a domain name.

Why Do We Need A Domain Name?

  • It will help you in showcasing your offline business to millions of people who are searching online for specific product/services.
  • Domain names containing 'keywords' aid in higher search engine ranking.
  • Indicates you are a serious internet player.
  • Add a level of trust and integrity to your site.
  • Once a domain name has been registered, it is no longer available.
  • Some search engines will only index the first page of a domain site.

What is a TLD and which one is better ?

Each domain name is made up of a series of character strings (called "labels") separated by dots. The right-most label in a domain name is referred to as its "top-level domain" (TLD). For ex: .com is a tld in

There are different types of TLDs:

Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) - For example .com, .edu, .gov, .int, .net, .org
Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) - For example .uk for the United Kingdom, .ca for Canada etc.

It is a good idea to book all the important tld related to your domain, so that you can protect your brand name from other fake users/competitors.

If you have a domain. What else you need in order to make your domain work?

Just like you need land to build a home, similarly you need web hosting in order to host your domain. After hosting it, you need to build a professional and creative website.

I need to register a domain for lifetime. Can I do it?

No. You can book a particular domain for maximum 10 yrs. And you need to renew the domain as per the renewal date.

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